With the aim of creating a working environment with a team of highly skilled and skillful staffs, and a professional approach, civilized and polite communication, 05/2018, Realcons organized the class “communication skills and customer care” with the enthusiastic participation of employees in the company.

The course was filled with the full participation of staff, departments and sites. Coming to the training course, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in communication and negotiation in the modern enterprise environment. Accordingly, the object of communication and negotiation is not only the partners, customers but also the same company colleagues. Essential skills such as communication, listening, empathy, building relationships in a spirit of mutual respect, feedback on information received, decisions in negotiation … all are real classrooms. Act on real situations in the construction industry.

Mr. Tran The Thien, Deputy Commander of Little Village, said: “I am really excited about this class, because the atmosphere is vibrant and open from practitioners. With the knowledge as simple but effective means to help us achieve certain success on the table with partners. In addition, the special thing behind this class is that the internal solidarity will be enhanced because each student will know how to communicate, to behave intimately, to sincerely and to build bridges with his colleagues. my precious “.

In addition to the communication skills training program, Realcons regularly organizes specialized training courses on human resources and human resources management. and skills. This reflects Realcons business philosophy “Change For Better” – always changing, always striving, focusing on training human resources, improving service quality to better serve customers.

Some images in the training session: